Hair Removal

Facial Hair Removal

We offer waxing, and threading facial hair removal these two methods can be used to remove hairs from the entire face: eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks, neck, and sideburns.

Lip & Chin

$ 15-20

Eyebrow Arching

$ 15-20

Facial Sides

$ 15-20

Eyebrow Threading

$ 15-20

*For WAXING let us know if you are taking any medication such as blood thinners, Retin-A or Acutance or Glycolic products. If you are using any of this products you should not be waxed.

Threading it is safe choice for people using the above medications and for those who have particularly dry or sensitive skins. Unlike waxing, threading does not have the possibility of lifting, tearing, or over-exfoliating the skin.

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Before Eyebrow Threading

After Beautiful Eyebrows